Political Parties

Karl Loewenstein investigated one example of a dubious new political party. The “Bavarian Party for King and Country” wanted to reconstitute the Christian Bavarian Monarchy, and demanded a plebiscite to determine whether the monarchy would be restored. The party had … Read More


Although West Germany’s first federal elections did not occur until 1949, the states in the U.S. zone held elections in 1946. OMGUS was concerned about how the Germans would handle their first democratic election since 1933. The Military Government wanted … Read More

Denazification Press Release

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This press release by the U.S. Military Government gives a statistical account of the denazification processes. It provides figures of all removals, demotions and exclusions of Nazis from public and private service. It makes a reference to the Fragebogen, questionnaires … Read More


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From the Amherst College Archives and Special Collections Amherst, MA http://asteria.fivecolleges.edu/findaids/amherst/ma206.html Karl Loewenstein was born in Munich, Germany, on November 9, 1891, son of a metalware manufacturer and grandson of a Stuttgart jurist. First guided by his parents toward a career in … Read More

Marriage Law

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Loewenstein spent approximately six months (September 1945 – March 1946) working on drafting the new marriage law. Along with the law for the reorganization of the bar, the marriage law was Loewenstein’s primary focus during his time at OMGUS. Loewenstein … Read More


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One of Karl Loewenstein’s main tasks while working under the U.S. Military Government was to remove Nazi influence from German government and society. This process became known as denazification.  As a legal consultant, he assisted in the drafting of denazification … Read More

Law for Civil Service Reform

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Loewenstein took great interest in the drafting of the Civil Service Law. He was worried that the Civil Service Law forced Germans to proclaim their loyalty only to the German state, as opposed to a specifically democratic government. OMGUS’s goal … Read More

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