OMGUS Denazification Report

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This report tracks the progress and effectiveness of denazification from December 1945 to May 1946. It also contains charts with statistics about denazification and the Fragebogen. March – April 1946. Box 47, Folder 2, Karl Loewenstein Collection, Amherst College Archives … Read More


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Evaluating a Cold War Enemy Through private meetings with Dr. Eugen Schiffer, head of the Soviet Zone Administration of Justice, Loewenstein gained insight into what was happening in East Berlin. He concluded that the U.S. should seek greater cooperation with … Read More

Preliminary Report on Denazification

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In this article, Karl Loewenstein discusses the concept of collective guilt and the lack of accountability that German people felt for Nazi crimes. December 20, 1945 Box 46, Folder 1, Karl Loewenstein Collection, Amherst College Archives & Special Collections.


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                        In addition to his work on denazification, Karl Loewenstein participated in the redrafting of German laws. Unlike many of his colleagues, Loewenstein disputed the notion that the entire … Read More

Letter to Dr. Richard Alexander

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Karl Loewenstein wrote this letter to Dr. Richard Thomas Alexander, an American educator and scholar of pedagogy. The letter detailed how “democracy-resistant” forces were retaking Munich Law School. To Loewenstein, the scandalous re-admittance of former Nazi supporters as faculty was … Read More


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May 8th, 1945 Official end of the war in Europe   July 17th, 1945 Potsdam Conference Begins   August 2nd, 1945 Potsdam Conference ends, Germany officially divided into four zones of occupation.   August 1945 Karl Löwenstien arrives in Germany … Read More

Loewenstein's Office Diary

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Loewenstein [also] kept an “Office Diary” (typescript, primarily in English) throughout his year with OMGUS. Although many entries are mundane, the 200- page diary also contains an incisive running critical commentary on the Office of Military Government, its personnel, and … Read More

OMGUS Hierarchy and Personnel

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  Dwight Eisenhower Dwight Eisenhower was the first Military Governor of U.S. occupied Germany. He served from the end of the war until November 1945, when he was appointed Chief of Staff of the United States Army. Judge Joseph Warren … Read More

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